Guittard Chocolate Company

Simplifying a chefs’ favorite chocolate brand 

Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Packaging Design

After nearly 150 years of making the best chocolate in the world, the Guittard Chocolate Company was looking for a way to leverage its reputation for quality and integrity. Our team conducted in-depth research with employees, partners and customers to identify key values and brand personality traits and bring a unified brand to all its consumer channels.


This photograph, taken during research, shows how the various brands created a cacophonic brand identity.

The brand architecture was quite disparate, with a separate identity for the company’s offering to clients in the food production, gourmet food, and consumer sectors. We recommended the adoption of a masterbrand strategy, centered around the promise of ‘Chocolate for Experts.’ The corporate wordmark is derived from the founder Étienne Guittard’s original signature.


The proposed masterbrand strategy simplifies the communication, and the business.

A robust identity system supports the implementation across a broad range of channels and touchpoints.


The resulting system brings cohesion and lifts all sub-brands to a premium positioning.


We recommended celebrating the artistry of chocolate making through collaborations with visual artists, making tasting bars into beautiful, giftable objects.


Agency: Objective Subject
Account: Emma White
Strategy: Siobhan Burns, Emma White, David Jalbert-Gagnier
Creative Director: David Jalbert-Gagnier
Design: Kelly Carámbula, Sam Gray, Kirk Pettinga, Greg Gazdowicz

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